How to reinvent your life after 40



A woman undergoes many changes at the age of forty, as this age is called menopause, and thus because of the occurrence of physiological changes that occur in women and affect them from all sides, and at this age, women need to take care of themselves and their health more than ever before. This age stage is due to the onset of menopause, and one of the most important physiological reasons for protecting women from diseases associated with menopause is the presence of the hormone “estrogen”, which protects from diseases, the most important of which are cardiovascular diseases. The secretion of estrogen is very important in a woman’s body; Because it reduces heart disease, osteoporosis, and joint diseases, and in the forties, this hormone decreases, and the woman enters menopause and suffers from many physical and psychological disorders and becomes vulnerable to many diseases.


Maintaining health after forty The avoidance of diseases at this stage is in ways Many of them are:

  1. Practicing sports: such as jogging, swimming, and other sports activities, sports are very important for you. Follow the diet: Eat useful foods such as vegetables and calcium, and stay away from high-calorie foods such as fats and starches. Consuming a good amount of fluids: Stay away from harmful drinks such as coffee and caffeinated drinks. Stay away from emotions: psychological and tension. Follow-up with the gynecologist: Do periodic check-ups to check on your health from time to time. Here are some important tips for you, madam, starting at the age of forty:
  2.  Looking at the good side in life gives you positive energy, and stay away from expecting the worst. Wear cheerful and appropriate clothes at the same time. Get enough rest and sleep. Practicing spiritual exercises such as yoga that relieve stress and anxiety. Shopping and changing the atmosphere of the house to bring pleasure to your heart. Eat a piece of chocolate, but do not overdo it, because chocolate helps improve mood and relieve depression. Make sure to form social relationships that bring joy to you, and stay away from everything that bothers you, whether it is people or situations. Emotion is very important to you at this stage. Get rid of your negative energies and spread positive energy, talk to your husband, children, or those close to you always so that you feel happy through them.
  3. Note: It is also worth noting that a woman at this stage may be more emotionally sensitive, as anything may affect her and disturb her, so her family must deal with her with all care, kindness, and love, whether from the husband, children, or those close to her.

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