How to make your own hairspray!

You want your hairstyle to stay in place for longer, but you’re bothered by how it smells and feels

Your hair after applying the fixative spray available in the market? Don’t deprive your hair

Its radiant look for a longer time and get the same effect by preparing a spray

Your hair is installed at home! Madam, do not hesitate to apply this mixture and share your experience with us through the comments section!


Ingredients needed:




1- Two tablespoons of white sugar (brown sugar does not work in this case).


2- ½ cup of filtered water (or boiled water if no filter is available)


3- 10 to 15 drops of the oil extract of your choice.





4-5 drops of white alcohol (not mandatory).


5- An aerosol bottle.


How to prepare:


1- Simply boil the indicated amount of water, then add sugar, stirring well to dissolve it.


2- Remove the mixture from the heat after boiling and wait until it cools down, then add white alcohol if you want to use it, in addition to your choice of extracted oils.


3- Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and make sure to shake it well before each use.

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