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How to make the best daily cleanser and cleanser for your skin - Care Beauty

How to make the best daily cleanser and cleanser for your skin

One of the fundamental elements of beauty, freshness, and permanent youth of the skin is caring for deep cleaning and purifying it daily from traces of makeup and dirt attached to it, which have a fundamental role in making the appearance of the skin appear devoid of life and unhealthy. Therefore, we offer you, dear, this wonderful gift of natural ingredients that are available in your hands. It is a method of making a cleanser and disinfectant for your skin that is easy to prepare and inexpensive, in addition to that it has distinct results that you will see immediately after using it.


You need:


Distilled water cup


One tablespoon of unscented glycerine soap.


5 drops of lavender oil.





5 drops of lemon oil.




Mix all the ingredients and keep them in a tight bottle to use on a daily basis to deeply cleanse the skin, as the ingredients penetrate the skin, remove dirt from it, and give it moisture, beauty and freshness.


Glycerine soap helps your skin absorb moisture to make it softer and more beautiful.


As for lavender oil, it has antibiotic properties to treat inflammation, spots and acne, in addition to its calming and relaxing effect.


Olive oil acts as an antiseptic and astringent, rich in vitamin C, which is essential for healthy skin.


Unlike synthetic, foaming facial cleansers that strip oils and moisture from your skin, this hydrating cleanser is full of benefit and freshness for your skin.