How to make pistachio


Pistachio is one of the most famous delicious foods and desserts that are served throughout the Arab and Western world as well, and it has an easy way to prepare through pistachios, where there are some of the countries they call peanut butter, and here’s how to prepare it now.

The method of pistachio

Ingredients for pasta

Half a glass of pistachio ornaments

Two tablespoons of fine sugar

A small cup of vegetable oil

A coffee cup of melted butter

A teaspoon of vanilla

Method of preparation pistachio

At first the pistachios are ground until they have a soft and not lumpy shape

The rest of the ingredients are added

All the ingredients are mixed well until we notice that they smoothed completely

It is placed in the fridge in case I wish to use it is heated for only one minute in the microwave.

Pistachio milk

Pistachio is one of the types of nuts that are famous worldwide, as it is used in a large manner in various varieties of sweets, and the reason for this is because of its delicious and distinctive taste, and it has many benefits that provide the body with various useful ingredients,and it is also a kind of nuts that contain large and high

These are useful substances such as iron, magnesium, vitamins, zinc and copper, as well as many fatty acids, and in this useful article we will also learn about the benefits of pistachios for children, as well as about its general benefits. Pistachios are also one of the seeds that appeared in the world since seven thousand BC.

But it was not used in the current form, it was eaten in this form, but today it is eaten through various dishes such as ice cream and sweets, cam it contains many healthy fats, which is one of the most important sources of fiber and sources of antioxidants, and is a source of protein as well, and similar in its details and benefits cashew,

Benefits of pistachio milk for children

Pistachios contribute to the processes of enhancing children’s mental abilities in addition to developing those skills

Works to strengthen memory, through increasing and increasing the level of concentration of the child

It strengthens the immune system in children, and increases its ability to resist and control diseases whether they are contagious or not.

The benefits of pistachios in general

Pistachios reduce the rate of harmful cholesterol in the body, it also has a significant role in the processes of maintaining heart health, in addition to protecting it from various diseases of the heart, namely angina and myocardial hypertrophy, and also has a role in protecting against atherosclerosis or heart attacks.

Pistachios also work to lose excess weight, and therefore many doctors advise eating pistachios in order to regulate the diet, and this in order to stimulate the body to burn calories, and hence it plays a big role in the processes of getting rid of the accumulated fat all over the body such as the sides, buttocks and abdomen.

It works to keep the eyes healthy and healthy, in addition to protecting against macular degeneration that is a natural consequence of aging.

Works to increase sexual abilities

It works to improve and enhance digestion processes, in addition to activating the beneficial bacteria that are inside the colon, and thus has a great role in facilitating bowel movement.

It works to rid the body of various free radicals, which are those that protect against cancer diseases such as cancer of the kidneys, pancreas, lung and colon, as well as cancer of the bone, skin and breast.

Works to increase the process of absorption of iron from food, thus preventing anemia

Works to regulate blood pressure rates in the body

It helps to relax and calm the nerves, thus it has the ability to relieve stress and stress

It regulates the level of blood sugar, thus it has the ability to protect against diabetes

Protects the fetus from any birth defects during pregnancy

Works to generate milk in the breast of nursing mothers

Works to give the skin a state of purity and freshness

It delays the appearance of signs of aging, and also contributes to the delayed appearance of wrinkles that are caused by aging.

Although Pistachio has all the above benefits, it is recommended to take it in cases of non-allergy and should not be taken by people with kidney stones, because it has many serious complications that sometimes reach death.

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