How to make home cream without eggs



1 ½ cup of sugar

3 tablespoons of corn flower

1 ½ cup of water

Cup flour

Pinch of salt

2 tsp vanilla

4 tablespoons of room temperature butter

1 teaspoon cocoa

How to prepare

In a bowl, put all the dry ingredients, ie sugar, flour, salt, cornflower and vanilla, and stir until well mixed with each other.

We add water to the previous dry ingredients and stir until the ingredients are mixed and the dry dissolved into the liquid.

Put the mixture on a high heat and keep stirring until we have a thick mixture.

Put the mixture in a colander while it is hot and drain it well with the help of a tablespoon to get rid of any lumps.

Add the butter to the filtered mixture and stir until it melts completely, then beat with an electric whisk until the mixture is creamy.

Remove half of the amount and put it in another bowl, then add cocoa to the rest of the mixture and beat again until we have the chocolate cream.

Put the milk cream and chocolate cream in the refrigerator until the mixture is cold and completely cohesive, and so it is ready

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