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How to make an aspirin mask to get rid of pimples on the face

If you want to permanently get rid of pimples on the face, which is one of the types of acne, we offer you with illustrated steps how to get rid of these pimples with aspirin in addition to some other recipes

First: Get rid of pimples using aspirin “How to make an aspirin mask”

– Crush one of the aspirin and you must grind it well. You can use 1 to 3 n aspirin, but do not overdo it so as not to damage your skin.

2- Mix the ground aspirin with a little water until you get a thick paste

3- Then put the paste directly on the pimples on your face with your fingers, but you must cleanse your hand well with soap and water to make sure that it is free of bacteria.

4- Leave the aspirin on your face for 15 minutes, and you should not leave the aspirin on your face for more than 15 minutes so that your body does not absorb a large amount of it and enter the bloodstream and cause you health problems

5- Then remove the aspirin from your face using a clean, damp tissue, and putting aspirin on your face may be a good opportunity to add exfoliation as well.

Second: Using natural materials to get rid of pimples:

1- Using baking soda: Instead of using aspirin, you can use baking soda by mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water to make a paste, then apply it on your face for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

2- Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil works to treat pimples and acne in an excellent way, apply some of this oil on the pimples on your face.

3- Put raw potato slices on your face, as they act as an anti-inflammatory. Put the potato slices on your face for a few minutes, then wash your face from the remnants of the potato with cold water.

With our wishes that every girl who dreams of getting rid of pimples, spots and acne will have a pure and healthy skin.


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