How to make an adhesive mask to remove blackheads

Surely you have heard before about the recipe for making an instant mask at home to get rid of blackheads, many have tried the instant adhesive products, but have any of you tried preparing them at home before?


There are many natural remedies that help you achieve your success, for example, egg whites can be a great adhesive to get rid of blackheads on the nose. One egg has nourishing benefits for your beauty and it is a very easy and available ingredient.


If the side of getting rid of blackheads, the eggs are based on the temporary tightening of the face. It helps in getting a flawless face. Therefore, it is recommended to use it as a natural mask to get rid of blackheads. Treatment of blackheads often occurs due to exposure of the skin to air and a sticky layer is formed, which with time turns into blackheads. Therefore, we made the instant blackhead removal adhesive that is completely inexpensive and very effective in getting rid of blackheads and a good alternative to commercial products.


Steps to make an instant mask to get rid of blackheads


First method:


Equip the following:


1 egg white. A piece of cotton or tissue paper.


This method is very simple. You can dip a tissue paper in the egg white mixture and then try to apply it on the nose and leave it for 20 minutes on the nose until it dries, then work on peeling it from the nose. And in order to get more effective, you can leave it for only 40 minutes before removing it


Second method:


Working on washing the face with warm water, because this helps to get rid of any dirt on the skin and excess oils, as well as open the pores. Then mix about 1 tablespoon of gelatin (unflavored) with a tablespoon of milk (you can use skimmed milk or Skimmed milk, almond milk, goat milk, soybean milk) with a drop of lavender oil and heat the mixture to an appropriate temperature (medium).


Once it is mixed together well leave it for a while to cool down and then start applying it on the nose taking care to give birth to the eye area. After that, leaving the mixture on the nose for 20 minutes may take longer but this depends on the thickness of the mixture and once you feel that there is a tightening In the skin, you can then remove the mixture from the nose. After the mask dries, you can start peeling it and pulling it away from the face. Finally, rinse the face with cold water to get rid of any residue and close the pores. You can apply a moisturizer after finishing consisting of natural oils that help you get On soft skin


Third method:


1 cup of sugar 1/3 cup of honey 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice 2 teaspoons of glycerin.


Work to put all the ingredients in the pan, except for glycerin, at a medium temperature that can reach 240 degrees Fahrenheit until the mixture melts.


After you are done, you can pour it into a bowl with a wide mouth, adding 2 tablespoons of glycerin and stirring well. After it cools down, you can apply a thin layer on the nose and apply tissue paper to the mixture, then work on tightening it quickly until the black heads are eliminated.


In conclusion, it should be noted that there is a very simple way to help you reduce the blackheads that appear on the nose, which is to make warm compresses in order to exfoliate the dead cells when immersing a piece of cotton in warm water and then applying it to the nose. to reduce further damage. You can try it regularly to avoid the appearance of more blackheads and enjoy a completely blemish-free nose