How to make a watercress mask to lighten the skin at home

Watercress is one of the leafy vegetables that are of great importance to the body, and it is also included in beauty products, where a watercress mask can be made to lighten the skin at home with simple and easy ingredients that are found in every home, and it has many uses for the skin and hair, as it increases hair density, and works to lengthen the hair, as well It removes wrinkles from the skin and removes black pimples, and its effect does not appear quickly, but it must be used repeatedly, as its effect will appear after two months of use, according to experiments conducted.


Watercress mask to lighten the skin


The benefits of watercress for the skin and hair have been confirmed by those who tried the watercress mask for the face, where watercress masks are made for the skin in more than one way, using useful ingredients, including bananas and lemon, as well as adding yogurt, and some watercress is made from watercress, turmeric and aloe vera, and these are all useful products for the freshness of the skin, And confirm the benefits of watercress for the body in general, because it contains vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system of the body, and helps in weight loss, as it is a food rich in antioxidants, and lemon juice helps to thicken and lengthen hair, and gives it shine, and how to prepare the masks we explain to you below.


How to prepare a watercress mask with yogurt and lemon for the skin


Acne appears to women with oily skin and causes them psychological problems, so you should make a watercress mask with yogurt for oily skin, which helps moisturize the skin, renews fat cells and treats acne, and is done with the following steps:


Add several leaves of watercress in an electric blender with a tablespoon of rose water. Mix the ingredient until you get juice. Squeeze the watercress in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of oatmeal to the watercress juice, and stir well. Then add a tablespoon of bee honey, and a tablespoon of yogurt. Mix the ingredient well until obtaining a homogeneous texture. Spread the mask with your fingertips on the face, and leave it for 30 minutes until the skin absorbs it. After that, wash your face with cold water, then use a piece of ice by passing it on the face to close the pores. Do the mask twice a week.


One of the most important notes when making a watercress mask with yogurt for the skin is to avoid going out in the harmful rays of the sun, especially at noon, and the mask must be made at home yourself, and stay away from the mask products that are sold ready.

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