How to make 5 homemade facial toner


What is face toner?

Face toner is a transparent oil that removes debris and impurities from your skin, prepares skin for the application of their skincare products, and also restores skin pH balance. In other word, face toner help to remove excess dirt, traces of oil, and makeup

There are many toners in the market but you can prepare your own at home, using natural skincare is part of self-care you can add or remove any ingredient you think is not perfect for your skin 

Tips for making homemade toner

1. Always use fresh ingredients, avoid chemicals.

2. Don’t make large quantities as it did not contain preservatives it will not last long.

3. Keep your toner in a cool place

4. Know your skin type: is your skin oily or dry?

5. Identify your skin problem: what is the problem of my skin? Acne?

Let’s now go deep into our topic.

Natural homemade toners.

1. Apple cider vinegar toner (KAL Tupã):

This toner is one of the most popular toners in the Internet world, although there are slight differences in the ingredients. Some are writing for acne, while others are writing ingredients for how to control skin oil.

Apple cider vinegar toner ingredients.

1 tablespoon Apple Cider vinegar

2 tablespoons water

2 drops of essential oil (you can use coconut oil)


1. Dilute Vinegar with Water, add 2 drops of essential oil, mix well and apply on your skin using cotton wool twice daily.


Useful for normal, dry, and oily skin.

In case of sensitive skin, mix 1 tablespoon vinegar with 4 tablespoons of water then add 2 essential oils (optional).

Store this toner up to a week.

2. Rice water toner.


½ cup of raw rice

water as required


1. Wash rice under running water

2. Transfer rice in a bowl and pour water. Water should cover rice just a little.

3. Let rice and water sit for 1 hour. Rice infuses water with all its vitamins and minerals.

4. Strain water in another bowl and store it in a spray bottle, close your eyes and spray on your face, twice daily. Shake well before use.

Store it up to 3 days.


This toner will give your skin a real glow and also moisturize your skin.

3. Anti-aging toner.


½ cup apple cider vinegar

½ cup of water

8 non-coated aspirin tablets (325 mg each)


1. Dissolve aspirin in water and then add apple cider vinegar after stirring the aspirin in water.

2. Store in a glass bottle and use it twice daily.

Keep the mixture up to 3 days.

Action: Fight signs of aging, acne, and result in glowing skin.

4. Toner for removing black spots.


2 tablespoons orange juice.

5 teaspoons of water.


1. Mix orange juice with water.

2. Apply this toner on your face using cotton wool. Rinse it off with water after 5 minutes.


Black spots’ remover.

5. Sensitive or acne-prone skin.


1 fresh cucumber

1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel

Essential Oil.



1. Slice a cucumber, put it in a glass jar, and add some water.

2. Allow resting overnight in a refrigerator.

3. Bring it out from the refrigerator and measure ¼ cup of cucumber water.

4. Pour it in a spray bottle, add 1 tablespoon of aloe Vera gel, and 5 drops of essential oil.

5. Shake well and spray on your face or use cotton wool when applying.

It lasts up to a week if you store it in a refrigerator.

Action: sensitive or acne-prone skin.

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