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How to get rid of flat stomach

How to get rid of flat stomach


The problem of sagging abdomen is a problem that worries many women, whether it is fat or skinny, as the sagging of the abdomen, in its unaesthetic form, loses a woman’s beauty, attractiveness and gracefulness, and thus loses her self-confidence. Therefore, all women are keen to follow all available methods to overcome these sagging and get rid of them, and that is why we will offer you Through the Educate yourself website, the most important reasons that lead to the appearance of these sagging, as well as some ways to get rid of them.


First: Causes of flabby belly: Eating large amounts of food in excess of the need. Eating high-calorie foods Drink cold drinks and water during or immediately after eating, as water dilutes the stomach acids responsible for digestion and cold drinks slow down the digestion process. Eat fatty meals as they take more time to digest. The longer the food is present in the stomach, the greater the incidence of flabbiness, as it puts pressure on the external stomach muscles. Eat the main meal late and shortly before bedtime because the body stores food here. Because the muscles are relaxed during sleep, and therefore the pressure of this food on the stomach muscles is greater and the resistance is less. Lack of movement and lack of regular exercise. Not eating for a long time: the body is completely emptied of sugar. And the presence of sugar in the blood is one of the main indicators of feeling full. The result of this is that when a person starts eating a meal, he eats a lot and does not feel full, because it takes about two hours to digest food before the sugar reaches the blood, and thus the feeling of satiety. That is why it is recommended to start the meal with dessert. Abdominal sagging also occurs after pregnancy and childbirth. Psychological stress and tension are one of the causes of sagging abdomen, so you have to know the reason that leads to sagging belly and stop practicing it and work as well to confront it and overcome it and we will offer you in the second part of the article some ways to get rid of sagging abdomen


How to get rid of flat stomach


Second: Some ways to help you get rid of flatulence Changing eating habits: Make sure to eat fat-free yogurt because it helps digestion and hide the flabbiness. Peel the beans and beat them in the blender before eating it because that makes it easier to digest, as food stays in the stomach for a long time causes flabbiness Belly. Eat 5 small meals instead of 3 large meals to fill your feeling of hunger. Make sure to eat useful food and meals with integrated elements. Your breakfast should contain these elements:

Water or water with honey added to it: to provide the body’s needs of fluids that it lacks throughout the night.

With fresh fruit or juice + fresh vegetables: to provide vitamins and minerals necessary for the activity of the body. + Jam or honey: Because honey is absorbed by the liver directly from the esophagus, it provides the body with the sugars it needs to start moving. With white cheese + a quarter of a loaf: to break the feeling of hunger after long hours of not eating. Eat the main meal at least four hours before bed. Stay away from fat and fatty and processed foods that contain preservatives as much as possible, because the closer your food is to nature The more, the better for your health.




Do some exercise Make sure to walk regularly because it rids the body of unwanted calories Practicing abdominal liposuction and here is how to do it properly:

Standing with hands placed on the waist.

Inhale as much air as possible, then exhale as much air as possible while suctioning the abdomen inside at the same time

Try to keep suctioning your abdomen for 20 seconds and during the 20 seconds breathe normally without changing the position of your abdomen

Take a rest for 20 seconds, then repeat the exercise

– You can select the time that suits you less than 20 seconds if you cannot withstand 20 seconds or more than 20 seconds according to your ability.

Keep repeating this exercise regularly


Knowing and identifying the causes of abdominal sagging and then working to confront this cause and using appropriate methods to get rid of it will eventually lead to getting rid of these flabbiness and obtaining a beautiful body and slender body.





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