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How to get rid of excess nerve?

How to get rid of excess nerve??!!




Most of the medical researches have unanimously agreed that one should get rid of his nervousness so that he will not be exposed to diseases


There are many psychological and physical diseases, the most dangerous of which are sudden heart attacks, just as the nervous person has weak immunity


And his ability to resist diseases is much less than that person who is characterized by the ability to relax and calm


Nervousness, in addition to its health risks, makes a person socially undesirable.


Here are several steps to move from the category of nervous people who are always tense to the category of people who


They have the ability to control themselves, relax and calm down:


Think about your life goals and what are really important to you and your loved one and rid yourself of


Trivial duties so that you can better accomplish important duties that make you keep your cool


It relieves you of the stress of feeling that your duties are much more than the time that you have to accomplish all


business in it.


Stop trying to be a superpowered person and rid yourself of the urge to completely dominate


All affairs without neglecting anything, because this is only done at the expense of your health, mental state and mood.


Give yourself more time than you think is necessary to get to a place or achieve something and make an account of any


An obstacle that can stand in your way so that you do not get stressed and nervous if the time is late or the time for your completion of the work is long


you are doing


Don’t set yourself strict deadlines to finish your work, start your morning very early, and give yourself enough time


To finish getting dressed.


Make things easy, and don’t get angry over trivial things like a train delay or a taxi driver’s rudeness. Remember that even


If your nervousness exploded, you will not be able to change the course of events.


Stay away from the people who tease you, but if you have to see them constantly, do not give them great importance.


Take a break and recuperate from time to time until you finish your work at a specific time because that removes stress


Feelings of stress and anxiety inside you.


Remember that constant nervousness and anxiety lead you to anxiety and pressure diseases and affect your vitality


And your activity and your appetite for life.


Do not expect perfection in the actions of those around you, because if you expect this, their actions will be a source of inconvenience to you


Things are simple and I know that whoever complicates issues and gives them a bigger size than their size is always the loser.

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