How to create an e-commerce website

There is no doubt that creating an e-commerce site is one of the most successful emerging projects today, but above all, if you are planning to build an e-commerce site, you must have a clear plan to do so.


This plan begins with your goals of building the site, who are you targeting with these products? What are the needs of the target group? Is all they will get from the site only information, or can they buy directly? These are some of the important things that you need to check before getting started.


The second step is to decide the type of products or services that you will provide, how will you display them on the site? Will it allow both on-site and in-store purchases? How will you manage the shipping order and send the product to the consumer?

Then comes the identification of your partners who will support you and electronic payments, how many methods will you provide for payment? Is it available to those you target? How can the money be refunded? And other vital matters of remote buying and selling.

If you have some entrepreneurial ideas to build your own website.. let us explain what you need to do to build an e-commerce website.


Choose a suitable name for the site and good hosting service


After deciding to create your own e-commerce site, your first task is to make a list of the best names you would suggest for the site, and search the web to see if they are available.

You can search directly with the most popular domain name selling services ( – GoDaddy – Register), which will lead you through simple steps, providing you with several alternatives if the names you are looking for are not available.

The important thing is to choose an appropriate name, easy to spell, related to the type of business you offer, and then after you have settled on a suitable name for your site, you can start printing this name on your business card, on marketing publications and send it to some newspapers for press releases.


Website Creation Basics


After registering your site name, choosing a good hosting service, and making a plan for how your products/services will be displayed across the site, the next step is to design and build the site.


Any website that contains the following:

Content: A key factor for the success of any website is the content. Provide visitors with interesting information, incentives to visit and purchase, and ways to reach you, after your site is online, update and add content periodically to encourage visitors to return and repeat visits and purchase. Content marketing can be categorized as one of the best marketing methods.
Structure: Decide how many pages you want the site to have, how you will link those pages together, what are the main logos of the pages and products. You can set up the main pages first and a new page for each product with all its details.

Design: With content and site structure, design comes in third in importance, whether you’re hiring a freelancer or doing it yourself.. Focus on simplicity, consistency, readability and usability.
Browse the site: Make navigation between pages easy and fun for the visitor, eg use no more than three or four direct links to home pages, and never leave the visitor to a dead end.

Credibility: Creating an e-commerce website depends mainly on credibility. It is important that the products purchased by visitors meet the specifications advertised on the site and that the quality of the products is not less than what consumers expect while browsing the site.
Tell the product page honestly why he should buy your product over him from the competition, the site should appear in a professional manner and show reliability and credibility just like face-to-face selling. Provide on-the-ground means of contact such as company or store address, official company phone numbers so the visitor will always remember that you are not just a website and that the website is a respectable entity that can be trusted.

Site Marketing: These are probably not closely related to site building, but there is no site without traffic, and there is no business without customers. Therefore, the marketing plan for the site must also be prepared, how it will reach the target market, and how to gain their trust through various marketing channels.
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E-commerce website needs

Many e-commerce pioneers are turning to hosting companies to get their needs on e-commerce sites. Such as credit card transactions, money transfer, sending an automated message confirming purchase and displaying related products and other things.

The second option is to integrate the “electronic shopping cart” model into the site, which allows the visitor to deal with his purchases through the site and follow up on payments via his credit card. This model consists of four main parts..


Catalog: Customers can browse products, read product information and compare prices.


Shopping cart: It tracks all the orders made by the customer, and new orders can be deleted or added through it.


Reviewing the order: It is the process by which the customer reviews the purchases that he has added to the cart, and reviews any discounts or offers offered by the site, with the addition of any additional costs such as shipping expenses.


Execution of the request: The program reviews the credit card or payment method used, verifies all information, and then saves everything in the database.


Here you have the basics that enable you to build a commercial site, you have two options to implement everything we talked about earlier, either you hire a team of freelancers, each of them implements part of your vision for the site such as design, development, marketing, and others, which is a slightly expensive option, but its results Guaranteed and professional and will be on a specific schedule.

Or you can go the (do it yourself) way, which is the cheapest option, but it takes longer, and the results may come out with poor quality.

If you have any questions about it, you can always ask them via the comments.

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