How to Clean a Hair Brush Correctly

Skin care, make-up and even luxurious baths may be at the forefront of our beauty routine. But overlooked tasks like cleaning our hairbrushes are also very important. There are many videos and tips on this subject, especially on TikTok.


What are the risks of not cleaning your hairbrush regularly?


A clean hairbrush is essential for maintaining the health of your hair and scalp. A hairbrush that is not cleaned for a long time can host the accumulation of bacteria, dust and even mold. Additionally, a dirty hairbrush can cause the roots of your hair to become oily faster than usual.


How to Clean a Hair Brush?


First, remove all hair and debris from the brush. For non-porous tools, such as stainless steel or wet hair brushes, you can use warm, soapy water. However, alcohol should be used for more porous brushes such as horsehair. When cleaning your brushes, it helps to gently brush each part of your brush with your fingertips (or a special toothbrush)



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