How to choose the color of lipstick according to your skin tone?



Lipstick burgundy, cherry, fuchsia or nude? A question often asked by women who seek to have a flawless smile and also to get a lipstick color consistent with their natural skin tone.

In this context, we offer you in today’s article all the tips that will help you choose the blush that increases the brilliance of your skin and the beauty of your smile, so follow us to learn more.


Reds are suitable for porcelain (very white) or pale skin


If you have extremely white, pale or slightly golden skin, you can bet on natural blush tones simply by applying a glossy lip gloss.


You can also use lighter shades such as pink, orange or copper lipstick. If you want a more permanent lip makeup, you can use on a matte crimson red color with a matte formula.


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Red shades for fair skin


Whether you are a redhead with a white complexion or a brown-haired woman with a fair complexion, all shades of red suit you.


For a lively look, choose an orange lipstick, and for a touch of elegance, use a dark red color that goes towards the burgundy color.


For pink tones, you can apply a pale pink blush to pink and fuchsia.


Avoid using glossy textures and very pale shades such as brown and beige, which will give you a pale and unattractive look.





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