How does the body get rid of vitamins


Duration of taking vitamins

The most appropriate time for taking vitamins can be determined based on the type of vitamin you take.

While it would be good to take some of these types of vitamins after your meal such as taking vitamins for the cold, others are recommended to take them on an empty stomach, or in the morning, and following the right and ideal timing to take the vitamin will earn your body the most benefit from vitamin supplements.

Perhaps the most prominent reasons why each type of vitamin has its time allotted is the different way of analysis that the body deals with each type.:

 Prenatal vitamins

Vitamins taken before the time of birth, that is, during pregnancy, are considered to be diverse and multivitamins, the best time to take them is before eating, so that the body can absorb everything that these vitamins contain.:

Iron: is iron absorbed well if taken on an empty stomach, and the body can be absorbed by the in tried took one kiss from dairy products, eating one of these products, such as milk affects the absorption of vitamins in the body, it is more appropriate to be taken for example with orange juice, which contains vitamin C.

Folic acid: taking folic acid during pregnancy is important and helps protect the fetus from birth defects that may affect it, and it is good if it is taken a year before pregnancy.

Calcium: many research on pregnant women who take vitamins has indicated that some women have certain symptoms when these vitamins are taken, for example nausea or constipation, so it is recommended to take them with a glass of water, or on an empty stomach away from mealtimes.

But there are other women with whom the opposite happens, and here they are advised to take vitamins just before bedtime, since the most important thing is to take them daily as the benefits of taking them is something cumulative.

Doesn’t store those vitamins in the bodies of pregnant women, it is necessary to take them daily, whether from food or from supplements.

Fat-soluble vitamins

The time near dinner, is the right time to take vitamins that can dissolve in fat, as fat helps to dissolve those vitamins within our bodies, which are converted into blood to perform a set of essential functions that the body performs.

You complain about those vitamins all of:

Vitamin A.

Vitamin K.

Vitamin E.

Vitamin D.

Of important to pay attention to the factors that affect the absorption of vitamins, for example, you dine with a combination of saturated fat helps you absorb vitamins that have been mentioned, which is from the group of vitamins soluble in fat.

Otherwise it will affect the liver in the human body, the non-absorbed means she’ll lose in the liver.

Water-soluble vitamins

These vitamins are best taken in the morning, before eating, or at least up to thirty minutes before eating, or taken at least two hours after your meal.

Like her.:

Vitamin C.

All B vitamins .

Folic acid.

These vitamins are characterized as much as the body expels the excess of them to the outside through urine, because our bodies do not store them.

 B vitamins

Taken vitamin B early in the morning on an empty stomach, and before eating, these vitamins one of the vitamins accept that dissolve in water easily and provide the body with the necessary energy that it needs, and tell him of the tension felt by some when waking up, plus they improve a person’s mood.

The most common types of B vitamins are:

Vitamin B-2

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin b2

Symptoms of increased vitamins and minerals in the body

People tend to look for nutrients that cover their body’s need of essential nutrients required for the body, especially if your diet does not contain enough diverse nutrients?

But taking an excessive amount of vitamins and minerals routinely can harm health and affect it adversely.

It is important well before taking the overdose of vitamins, and minerals necessary tests and quantities that your body needs to take those quantities without increasing them, because the increase here will be added to your body.

Many patients show symptoms as a result of taking additional amounts of certain types of vitamins or minerals, for example:

Taking large amounts of vitamin C or zinc can cause nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

Excessive intake of selenium can result in increased hair loss in a person, as well as a digestive disorder, and may be accompanied by fatigue and nerve damage.

Sometimes we find that the majority of people do not take high amounts and doses of vitamins and minerals, but this happens when a person takes supplements of various vitamins during breakfast, while gaining interest from the foods they eat that are a source of vitamins.

It would all be more than the recommended daily need for the body of a set of nutrients, such as vitamins, and so pronounced over the rest of the nutrients. 

How to get rid of excess vitamins

Here’s what you need to know to avoid overeating more vitamins that exceed your body’s daily need, so as to avoid a lot of the damage frequent intake of vitamins may be exposed to your body:

Make sure the dose is taken from any supplements you take to fill your need of vitamins, as it is known that many people turn to supplements in the belief that they will not be able to fill their body’s need with food alone.

A person can take their daily portion of food, but a good study or a competent nutrition consultant is required to show you the amount of each type of food you take and the nutrients it contains.

A person who takes supplements should be aware that they may not get the added benefit of taking supplements without pre-checking the amount of each type of nutrient in their body.

They should also be aware that they may be harmed if they take these supplements without needing them.

In case a person actually need for nutritional supplements you need to eat complementary food with a commitment to daily needs, which should get them to be perfect health.

You should talk to your doctor, after you show him the result of the tests you have done about the elements in your body.

You also need to remind him of all the vitamin supplements and the amount of dosage you take of each type, so he can really help you stay healthy and stay in the safe range.

However, if you are taking supplements for some type of essential vitamin such as B vitamins that your body needs, there is no need to worry or fear, and in general most types of vitamins have a degree of safety, even if you mix them with other fortified foods.

A person should be to know the range of possible interactions between the different types of vitamins and various foods. 

Damage frequent intake of vitamins

Excessive doses of vitamins taken from food itself or supplements can cause damage to your body and cause a range of side effects, for example:

In pregnancy may result from frequent intake need for vitamins damage related to the fetus, so a pregnant woman should neglect this point and track the amount of by physician.

An increase in vitamins in the body can result in a loss of your body’s balance, as many cereals and dairy products, include additional vitamins.

This may harm your overall health.

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