How does sugar cause skin aging?  


How does sugar cause skin aging?



It  is no secret to anyone that what we eat affects our health greatly, and that it plays an important role in whether we are healthy or not, and this basically means that if you eat healthy foods, you will be healthy, and if you eat a lot of Unhealthy foods, you may not be.


But the important question remains: Did you know that some foods can help keep you looking young, while others can make you look older?


Before we answer you about how some foods make you older, it is important to understand that we have two ages: chronological age and biological age, where chronological age depends on the year in which we were born, while biological age is influenced and linked to other factors, such as: genetics And lifestyle and, of course, diet.


It could be argued that this is the reason why two people born in the same year look so different, because one ages faster biologically than the other.


And while we can’t change our genes, we can try to stay physically active, eat a healthy diet, stay healthier and even look younger for longer.


And as it is known, there are some foods that have anti-aging properties, such as: olive oil rich in omega-3, antioxidants that can protect your skin from wrinkles, dark chocolate, and salmon. On the other hand, there are foods that speed up the aging process, and the main culprit is sugar, which many of us love.


How does sugar accelerate skin aging?


It can be said that your love of sweets actually plays a big role in your age because of the sugar in them, as excess sugar in the diet binds to proteins, a process known as “glycation”.


And when this happens to the heme protein in red blood cells, we see a rise in hemoglobin A1C, which is a sign of diabetes.


While we use skin care products, such as sunscreen and retinol, that help protect and build collagen in our skin, this can become ineffective as we add more sugar to our diet, as sugar binds to collagen, making it brittle, and this can contribute to In the appearance of fine lines and cracks in the skin.




How does sugar negatively affect public health?


Just as eating sugar may not benefit our skin, it may not benefit our general health either, because it promotes inflammation, as sugar creates inflammatory molecules, which is one of the ways in which the skin ages prematurely, as well as contributing to blood vessel problems, inflammation of the intestines, acne, and other skin problems. intestines, and a host of other conditions. In short, eating a lot of sugar not only makes us look older, but it can also cause us to get many diseases.

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