How does Lady Gaga keep her flawless skin?

Lady Gaga has always been an eye-catching star who is able to surprise everyone by constantly reinventing herself with her exotic hair, fashion and makeup.

But, despite that, Gaga has always maintained her skin, because she considers it the most important thing to start looking rejuvenated or exotic, or even to receive the makeup that she wants to put on her face, so she does not skimp on herself with a lot of things, and to find out how she managed to follow Read these lines


She has a number of favorite products

When a fan asked Lady Gaga: How does her skin look flawless on Twitter? The pop star replied, “I have a skincare routine, and a ritual I learned from my mom and her friends.”

And if you’re wondering how gorgeous Lady Gaga’s skin looks under all that makeup, suffice it to say she glows from the inside out, as the star herself admitted it takes a lot of work to keep her skin looking good.

Her routine includes using the Olehenriksen Truth Serum, which is rich in vitamin C, and leaves skin feeling plump, smooth and glowing, while an anti-aging mask is a must, as she uses the Talika Bio Enzymes Purifying Mask, which is also particularly beneficial for detoxing.

The singer herself also cited Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate as a favorite, along with Supergoop sunscreen.






Lady Gaga without makeup in “A Star Is Born”

It is noted that Lady Gaga appeared for a large part of her time in the film without makeup, at the request of director Bradley Cooper, but she cleaned her skin with hyaluronic acid, or anything that would help reduce redness.

Although Gaga usually uses makeup to help her face the day, in this role she had to play it without wearing any kind of makeup.

It’s clear that Gaga doesn’t compromise on taking good care of her skin, with what she eats, as she believes that radiance comes from within, so her diet is clean and full of fresh foods, and that includes drinking plenty of water too.