How do you remove spots and dark circles under your eyes?

No woman prefers to have what is known as dark spots under her eyes, which causes her to have more non-aesthetic defects and does not improve her appearance, as there are many reasons behind the appearance of these spots under your eyes, including genetic history, fatigue and severe stress, in addition to lack of sleep, Allergies, natural and emotional stress, aging, exposure to sunlight, and unbalanced diets, as these factors are considered entirely responsible for the appearance of these black spots under the eyes and also lead to what is known as dark circles.


Black and dark spots treatment:

In addition to the well-known natural remedies used to treat spots and dark circles, there is also make-up, which is an appropriate and effective way to eliminate these black and dark spots, which enables you to get rid of these spots and hide them completely, which we will list to you as follows:





First: In the beginning, it is very important to moisturize the eye area, and to look for eye creams that contain vitamin K. Where vitamin K rid you of spots and dark circles, and then you will need to choose the right remover that makes the desired difference for you and hide dark spots completely.


Second: For many women, too, they prefer to add a base that enables them to cover these dark spots, when the remover alone is not sufficient to achieve the desired effect.


Where it is required to add a cover from the dry base with the addition of cream to the base so that the cream is lighter than the base, as well as adding a light remover as well so that the three components integrate together and produce the desired effect so that these components touch the surface of the skin together.


Third: When choosing the right and appropriate color, you must bear in mind that the color of makeup that you will put to eliminate these spots is an essential factor in eliminating them, as the golden color is the most useful and influential color in getting rid of and eliminating these spots and dark circles.


Fourth: Stay away as much as possible from pink or rose-colored removers, as this color has the opposite result and turns these spots into gray, making it difficult to remove these spots.


As it is right and important to choose a light remover, and it is also wrong to choose a very light remover, except in one case, which is when the dark spots are of a deeper color than your skin color.


Fifth: Use your fingers to add the makeup tools that you will use for treatment, but gently, and put them on the inner areas first.


Sixth: It is better to leave the remover for a few minutes on the dark spots, before you mix it with the makeup tools that will get rid of the black spots.


Seventh: One cover of the remover is sufficient, so do not use more than one cover to achieve the desired effect and the desired results.