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How do you prepare your skin for winter?


In winter, your skin acts like it’s going to fight back, and it’s on high alert to protect itself from the cold.

Here are some tips that will help you know how to prepare it for the winter season, according to beauty care.

Avoid hot showers: We love it, but your skin doesn’t. Hot water causes your skin to dry out faster. It is best to avoid it to keep your skin from drying out even more. Instead, use a little warm water, and at the end of the bath, run cold water on your skin for two minutes. This will help retain moisture in the skin.

Don’t forget to use lip balm: In the evening and the morning, apply a thick lip balm. And if it’s before makeup, apply it long before you do it so it absorbs well before applying lipstick.

Always use an SPF factor: even in winter, because UVA rays are present even on the cloudiest of days and will cause premature skin aging.

Stay hydrated: by keeping a bottle of water nearby and taking a sip now and then. Your skin requires more water than ever, so maintain your daily hydration intake.


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