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How do you prepare a quick breakfast every morning?

Do you try to get out of the house every morning as quickly as possible without stress or anxiety with breakfast – and who has time to eat breakfast? But we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so instead of skipping it, why not make it simple and light.

Step #1: Plan the meal for the evening

Prepare what you want to eat in the morning in the evening. If you feel like eating an omelet, chop up your vegetables in the evening. Would you like a fruity smoothie? Cut fruits in the evening. And in the morning all you have to do is whisk or fry the food.

Step #2: Prepare the coffee in advance

For many women, coffee is closely associated with breakfast. To reduce time in the morning, fill the coffee maker with water and ground coffee in the evening, and in the morning press the morning setting button and finish getting dressed. Unfortunately, you can’t do the same for tea, but why not make do with hot water?





Step #3: Maintain cleanliness

To maintain cleanliness and reduce dirty plates and cups when you get home, use plates and paper utensils to eat or prepare food.

Step # 4: Avoid being disturbed

Save fresh juice for the weekend and enjoy all week with 100 percent fresh juice from the can. Thus, you will save time in cleaning, cutting and squeezing oranges.

Step #5: Multitask

Make good use of the time, while preparing coffee or sandwiches, arrange breakfast for your children,

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