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How do you know that one of the vitamins is missing ?

Here are some symptoms that enable you to know which vitamins you are deficient in. When you know what vitamin you are deficient in, you have a set of foods, fruits and vegetables that can replace these deficiencies with the appropriate vitamin… All you have to do is apply that!!!


If you suffer from:



* Recurring infections, especially in the upper respiratory tract.

* Blistering in the mouth .

* Night blindness.

* Dry and peeling skin.

You have a deficiency in vitamin A, which is available in:

1. Cod liver oil – cheese – milk – cream.

2. Green and colorful plants such as spinach – carrots – lettuce – cabbage – tomatoes – legumes – peaches – orange juice.


If you suffer from:

*Continuous stress.

* Inability to concentrate .

* Chapped lips.

* Sensitivity to light.

* Constant anxiety.

* Insomnia .

You have a deficiency in vitamin B, which is available in:

Yeast – liver – meat – egg yolk – vegetables – fruits – peanuts – spinach – cabbage – carrots..

“If you suffer from:[

* Frequent cold infections.

* Bleeding gums.

* the hurts does not heal easly .

You have a deficiency in vitamin C, which is available in:

Liver – spleen – citrus fruits in abundance – (lemon juice – orange – tangerine) – strawberries – guava – radish – apples – cabbage – parsley – tomatoes.


If you suffer from:

* Joint pain, back pain.

* Hair loss.

You have a deficiency in vitamin D, which is available in:

Cod liver oil – cream – milk – egg yolk – in the sunshine…


If you suffer from:

* Feeling tired with the slightest effort.

* Slow healing of wounds.

You have a deficiency in vitamin E, which is available in:

Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, parsley, and spinach – cottonseed oil – soybean oil – wheat seedlings

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