How do you increase the effectiveness of your skin lotion?

Facial cleansing products can be very effective on the skin.


But why not use some other products for more effect?

Do not just clean your skin with lotion, as the dust and dirt present in the air require attention to cleaning your skin.


Deeper than usual, about once a week. It is known that the skin needs three steps for complete care:


These steps include cleaning, exfoliation, and finally moisturizing. To achieve the steps of cleaning and exfoliating the face,


In one step, and with high efficiency, you can apply a weekly mask, which consists of the following:




1- Daily facial cleanser

2- Milk salt

3- Soap






1- Place an equal amount of face wash and milk salt on the palm of your hand.

2- Mix the mixture well, then apply it to your face.

3- Distribute the mixture on your face in circular motions, very gently, and leave it for a few minutes.

4- Wash your face well with water, then wash it again with soap specific to your skin type.


Finally, moisturize your skin; To complete the softness and freshness of your face, you can use honey or strawberries for perfect natural moisturizing.

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