How do you identify a patient with anorexia nervosa?

There is an old wisdom that says that the patient is the last one to know that he has an infection, and there are a number of diseases that may affect adolescents that must be focused on, including bulimia nervosa or anorexia patients.


Dr. Ahmed Haroun, a psychological and addiction treatment consultant, says that bulimia nervosa is one of the diseases that spread among adolescents, and its cause is due to some girls’ obsession with obtaining an ideal body, or because of a trauma or emotional problem.

Haroun added that there are some theories that study this phenomenon, which are organic causes, as they say that these studies found that this disease spreads among identical twins, in addition to that it was found that some women become infected with it during the period of menopause or entering the menopause period, in addition to There are psychological or emotional reasons that may cause this condition to appear.


Haroun added that this injury is widespread among those who work in fields that require them to maintain weight, such as fashion models, and the matter does not only affect girls, but extends to men as well.


Haroun added that the most important thing that distinguishes an anorexic patient is his constant feeling, or more precisely his complaint, that he suffers from obesity, despite the fact that in many cases he is thin and weighs less than he should, in addition to that he suffers from confusion in terms of body shape, as he sees himself as obese. He denies his weight loss and believes that he needs to lose weight, and is not aware of the seriousness of his severe weight loss, and refuses any advice regarding weight gain or taking any treatment or nutrition to correct the severe weight loss he suffers from.


Aaron adds that the interruption of the menstrual cycle for girls for several months, as a result of malnutrition and severe anemia that she suffers from as a result of bulimia nervosa, in addition to that she cannot walk or move because of her low weight, yet she does not think that she is skinny, but rather she thinks that she should lose weight severely .

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