How do you get strong and healthy nails?

How do you get strong and healthy nails?


Whether you suffer from brittle nails, yellowing, weakness and slow growth, all these problems can be solved.

By focusing on eating foods and vitamins that help nourish the nails and give them strength and attractiveness.


1- Vitamin A

A lack of vitamin A in the body leads to slow nail growth, dryness, and cracking, so be sure to increase it

Eat foods rich in this vitamin, such as garlic, parsley, and papaya fruit.



2- Biotin

Biotin is one of the best vitamins that works to strengthen nails and make them thick.


You’ll find it in brown rice, eggs, fish, oats and soybeans.


3- Calcium

We all know how important calcium is for the healthy growth of our bones, and it plays the same role in the beauty of your nails.

For strong and healthy nails, make sure to eat foods rich in calcium, such as dairy and cheese.



4- Vitamin B

As for vitamin B, it has a different effect, as it helps the nails to be straight and appear without any lines

Prominent occasional Vitamin B is found in parsley and fenugreek.


5- Silicon

Silicon is a very important element for the health of nails, in addition to helping them grow quickly. It is available

In onions, avocado, wheat, oa


ts, strawberries and rice.