How do we use caffeine to treat hair loss?

Some studies have proven that caffeine can increase hair growth and prevent alopecia and male pattern baldness, as caffeine works to prevent testosterone from reducing the production of hair roots, and it penetrates the hair follicles and improves their function.

We all know that the market is full of many products to care for hair to increase its density, such as different types of oils and shampoos, but most of us do not know the benefit of caffeine and its role in stimulating hair growth, especially in men. There is no doubt that we all love to have thick hair, so if you are interested in increasing your hair growth To stop its loss, read this article to learn how to use caffeine for hair

How to use caffeine to stop hair loss

We use caffeine in many forms to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss.
As a coffee hair mask.
Rinse hair with coffee.
coffee oil

Caffeine increases hair growth and prevents hair loss

Have you ever heard of baldness or alopecia? Also known as male-pattern baldness, it is a condition that is more common in men than women, in which case hair falls out in a certain pattern that leads to baldness. It was found that caffeine is an effective treatment for this condition.

  • Studies have proven that caffeine eliminates alopecia in several ways, especially in men.
    It blocks the action of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, which has an active role in alopecia.
  • It reduces skin water loss and reduces hair loss.
  • It penetrates the hair follicles well and stimulates hair growth.
  • It works to prevent the testosterone hormone from stopping the production of hair follicles, especially in the hair follicles of men.

How to use caffeine to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss?

We are now convinced that caffeine stimulates hair growth, but there is a question, how do we use it to do this?

  • Caffeine shampoo is the first and easiest method, but if you don’t prefer commercial chemicals, there are some easy natural methods that we will introduce to you in this article.
  • Although these natural methods are not scientifically proven, but they won the admiration of everyone who tried them, coffee is the easiest source of caffeine.

We offer for each some of the ways to use caffeine on hair to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss:

Coffee mask: Make a paste of coffee powder and olive oil, put the mixture on your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo on the hair.

Rinse your hair with coffee: When you make your coffee in the morning, leave some aside to rinse your hair with it while you shower.

Coffee oil: One of the ways to supply your hair and scalp with caffeine is coffee oil. Use it regularly. To get this oil, you need to do the following:

  • Mix two cups of your favorite oil (coconut, olive, almond) with a quarter cup of roasted whole coffee beans.
  • Mix them well, then put them on a low heat for 6 to 8 hours.
    Strain the oil several times until you get rid of the coffee beans completely.

Some side effects:
Regular use of coffee on the hair affects the color of the hair strands. Black or dark brown and white hair acquire a darker color or even an orange shade, and light brown or blond hair strands become dark, so you must know this before using coffee on your hair. And the smell of coffee. It will be in your hair for a long time

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