How do I maintain my health with food?

First: Proper nutrition and its impact on health




To ensure the safety of the body and its freedom from diseases and increase its immunity, the body needs a healthy and comprehensive diet, so that this system does not neglect any type of food that is beneficial to the body, because every element, mineral or vitamin that enters the body has great importance in the functioning of the body and that the functions and hormones of the body are not exposed to imbalance. Or the incidence of diseases, such as osteoporosis, anemia, diabetes, or some types of acute infections, and a healthy and integrated diet reduces the body’s exposure to obesity, which causes severe damage to human health and psyche, in addition to the diseases that sometimes accompany it.




Second: The importance of proper and integrated nutrition



The importance of healthy, varied food for the body lies in helping it build new cells and tissues and replace damaged ones, providing the body with the energy needed for its movement, controlling body temperature, in addition to strengthening the immune system and its ability to fight diseases, and the body also needs nutrients.


The various minerals, proteins, starches and fats to continue carrying out its various vital operations.



Third: How to get healthy food




To maintain health, a healthy diet must be followed. These healthy practices include:



* Do not place any restrictions or prohibitions on your daily menu, so do not impose on yourself healthy food and completely abstain from unhealthy foods; Because this will lead to an opposite result, but the amount of unhealthy foods must be gradually reduced and replaced with healthy food in order for the body to get used to this system.




* Searching for healthy food while shopping, you cannot eat food that is harmful to health in abundance if it is not available to you, so you must be careful to reduce its quantity in the shopping list, and search for healthy food that is available in abundance.




* Preserving the diversity of the food you eat, by adding all colors to one meal, so that your daily food is inclusive of vegetables, fruits, legumes and meat, so that their types differ from one day to another, so you eat fish one day, bird meat the next day, and livestock meat the next day. The one that follows and so on for the rest of the food items, to ensure the nutritional diversity of the body.




* Eat food in reasonable quantities, and do not exceed the body’s need, even if your food is completely healthy, because any increase in the amount this year than the body’s need will turn it into fat that will be deposited in the body and cause obesity. We must not neglect the role of healthy food in preserving your beauty, from By maintaining the health of the skin and free of impurities and defects, and in keeping the hair healthy and helping to prolong it.

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