How do I lose weight without dieting?

A large group of women wonder how to lose weight without dieting because they are unable to follow a harsh diet or adhere to a certain diet, so we offer you solutions to lose weight without having to deprive yourself of your favorite meals.

Control how much and how long you eat

In order to lose weight without dieting, it is important to start controlling the amount of food you eat as well as how long you eat. Make sure each meal lasts 20 minutes and eat slowly.
This habit helps you lose many kilograms without even realizing. Enjoy the taste of food slowly. During the first 20 minutes, satiety hormones are stimulated and you start feeling full after this period. Whether you are eating a simple apple or a chicken kabsa dish, make sure you count the time during eating. Also choose small plates to eat so that you feel like eating a full meal without having to eat large amounts of food!

Make sure you sleep for the right hours

Studies have shown that sleeping an extra hour at night helps you lose about 6 kilograms per year. A study conducted at the University of Michigan suggested following a diet based on consuming 2,500 calories and sleeping an extra hour at night. The study showed that people who followed this system reduced their calorie consumption by about 6%, and thus lost weight without dieting.

Include vegetables in your diet

Try to include vegetables in your meals and eat the amount you want. Vegetables are rich in fiber and various benefits that make you feel full, facilitate digestion, and are low in calories. Another way to lose weight is to offer a variety of vegetables, where you choose a portion of each type. Cook it, eat it raw or mix it with lemon juice for a delicious and refreshing salad!

Start your meal with soup

When you start your meal with soup, you feel full faster and for a longer period, especially if it is made up of a variety of vegetables. Eat the soup slowly and notice how you will lose weight in a short period and without dieting.

Eat whole grains

Eating whole grains helps you lose weight in a healthy way. Examples of whole grains are brown rice, oats, barley, buckwheat and whole wheat. When you eat foods based on these grains, you lose weight naturally and without diet! Among the benefits of consuming these grains, we also mention improving cholesterol levels and thus promoting heart health!

Choose healthy foods

Don’t feel obligated to give up your favorite foods to lose weight. But you can add a healthy touch to the dishes so that you can enjoy its taste without depriving it. For example, choose to add vegetables to your pizza instead of pepperoni or BBQ chicken, or ask for a reduced amount of cheese and a thinner dough.

Choose drinks carefully

It is important to choose the right type of drinks to lose weight without dieting. Replace the processed juice with natural juice or add your favorite fruits to the water, as sugar does not stimulate the body to be full, but on the contrary. Also, make sure to take your drinks in tall glasses, as the latter give the impression that they contain more juice, so do not drink a large amount of them or fill them by 75%.

Eat at home

Eating home food helps you lose weight naturally as you control the amount of fat you add to your meals and eat less. Eat home food for at least 5 days a week and you will feel weight loss in a short period without dieting!

Burn 100 calories a day

Losing 100 calories helps you lose about 5 kilograms in a year. Try to walk for 20 minutes to burn 100 calories a day. This is how you lose weight without dieting!

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