How do I know if I suffer from appendicitis?

Many adults have a scar at the top of their hips that indicates a previous appendectomy. Although it is not a serious operation, not being aware of the symptoms that indicate appendicitis, and making the diagnosis too late, can put a person’s life at risk. This topic will allow you to understand the disease of appendicitis, and know its most important symptoms that those who suffer from it feel.





Navel pain


When appendicitis pain appears regularly in the lower abdomen to the right, the first disturbance, in some cases, may occur near the navel area, then gradually move downward. If the pain increases, whether when making a movement, or when sneezing, or making a sudden shake, The recommendation we give you is to visit a doctor immediately.


When the pain increases





As soon as the pain settles in your body, it appears to you that there is no going back, and the most severe stages of it quickly begin, and your body sends signals to you that it is time to visit the emergency department. Some people suffer from symptoms of appendicitis while sleeping, and this is undoubtedly the case. In it, waking up is the most painful thing.



Chills and fever



Chills and mild fever are the most common symptoms among patients of appendicitis, and although some may confuse them with symptoms of other conditions of the disease, the truth is that these two factors, along with abdominal pain, are the clear warning that should not be missed. .

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