Honey Mask with Vitamin E

Honey Mask with Vitamin E






1 Tablespoon of Honey


1 Capsule of Vitamin E


1 Lemon


1 teaspoon of Oat Flour


6 Drops of Lemon Oil


Preparation and application:


Put all the ingredients except lemon in a bowl.


Cut the lemon in half and squeeze half of it over the mixture. The other half will not be used.


Mix the ingredients thoroughly in the bowl with the help of a wooden spoon.


Apply the mixture to your skin in layers.


Wait 30 minutes.


Remove the mask from your face with plenty of lukewarm water.


Then clean your skin with cold water.




Apply this mask twice a week.


Before making the mask, wash your skin with soap and clean it.


Thanks to our mask containing vitamins E and C, all kinds of stain problems on your skin are eliminated. It provides a more lively and smooth skin by caring for the skin.


You can use the vitamin E in it by piercing the vitamin E capsules or ampoules sold in pharmacies.