Honey and almonds for smooth skin

Honey and almonds for smooth skin

Beautician Fawzia Assem confirms that exfoliating the body with honey and almonds is one of the best natural mixtures for exfoliation,

Especially in dark areas, getting rid of dead cells, and getting clear and smooth skin

The mixture contains ground almonds rich in antioxidants, which works to soften the body and rid it of

dead cells.

As for honey, it has been known since ancient times for its ability to tighten the skin and clean it of




impurities, and also works to protect the skin from sagging and the appearance of signs of aging on it, and this is how to prepare a mask

Exfoliating the body from honey and almonds:

Two tablespoons of crushed almonds.

2 teaspoons


1.2 tsp flour.

1?2 teaspoon honey.


1- Add the milk to the almonds

Then add the flour and honey, and stir the mixture until a thick mixture is obtained.


2- The mixture of honey and almonds is placed on the body, preferably after bathing, so that it is

The body is moist, so that it is easy to get rid of dead cells.

3- The body is rubbed with the mixture well in different movements

circular, and from bottom to top, and then vice versa, in order to stimulate blood circulation in the area.


The body is washed with warm water, then dried, and moisturized with the usual moisturizing cream.

5- Use this mixture once

one per week.


This mixture can also be used to exfoliate the skin, provided you stay away

For placing it in the area around the eyes.

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