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Homemade cream recipe for washing hair to maintain its health

There is no doubt that you wash your hair at least twice a week and sometimes three times a week, which causes stress, dandruff and breakage as a result of frequent washing of hair Well here you will find a recipe for making a hair washing cream at home in a simple way. It is a natural extract widely used for hair.


Hair cream is suitable for all hair types and is very good because it avoids the disadvantages of frequent use of shampoo.



the ingredients :


Acacia milk powder E-Vitamin oil



In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of acacia powder

Add curd to the mixture (curd works as a conditioner and gives hair moisture)

Mix well to make a paste

Now add two drops of vitamin or any hair oil and avoid adding heavy oils such as castor

If your hair is very greasy, you can dispense with the step of adding oil and add two drops of lemon juice instead

– Mix the mixture well and put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes (you can dispense with this engagement if you catch colds easily)

The mixture is now ready for use.

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