Homemade aloevera oil for growth hair


Aloe vera is one of the types of plants that belongs to the cactus family, and grows widely in areas with a desert climate, as it is characterized by its great ability to withstand high temperatures and thirst, and it also contains many nutrients necessary for the human body, which bring it many health and aesthetic benefits And in this article, we will mention its benefits for hair, in addition to the mixtures that go into its preparation. Aloe vera benefits for hair: Nourish hair, increase its growth, and give it vitality. It is high in zinc, iron, calcium, and vitamins. Give him luster and elegance. Treating damaged and brittle hair. Moisturizing the scalp, get rid of dandruff. Accelerate hair growth, and treat its dryness, as it contains a large amount of amino acids. Reducing excess oils in hair. Cleansing the scalp from bacteria and infections that work on its loss, thus increasing its density; Because it has many anti-inflammatory properties.