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Hollywood stars fight aging with snake venom

Skin care is considered one of the alphabets of combating the signs of aging, in which the face is the first front. Therefore, you find Hollywood stars leading this process of caring for the face, body, or hair. In the hope of holding the youth hostage for as long as possible.
And based on this endless challenge of time and time, these stars take the initiative to resort to treatments that may be disgusting at times, but they give results; You see, they repeat the process over and over again to get what they want.
Here is a collection of these strange remedies:
Vampire facelift:

Actress Angelina Jolie, 36, is a fan of this treatment, which involves injecting plasma-rich blood cells into the face.


A person donates this blood, which is circulated in a special device, and then injected into the face to produce collagen, and then to improve the structure of the skin.

Leech treatment:



Actress Demi Moore (48 years) is a fan of this treatment, which cleans the blood from oxidative and toxic substances by exposing it to a large number of leech worms or leeches that suck dirty blood and secrete an anesthetic substance that inhibits coagulation. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use this treatment.

Snake venom:


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow loves snake venom therapy as well as Kylie Minogue; Where you buy creams filled with certain “snake venom” that stings the skin, which in turn sends a message to the nerves in order to relax and tighten the facial muscles, so the wrinkles gradually diminish.
Placenta face mask: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Reese Witherspoon use this treatment weekly, despite its high cost (about $1,200). It requires rubbing the face with bloody tissue from a fresh placenta, as it contains minerals, vitamins, and proteins that rejuvenate and enrich the skin.
Bird feces: Victoria Beckham uses this daily to treat her face. This treatment is based on peeling the outer layer of the face to give a youthful glow. The price of the cream is about $ 200.
And the question that arises is.. Are you ready to paint your face with these products in the hope of youth, which is bound to disappear one day?

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