Healthy steps to follow before hair removal

Madam, what are the steps that you follow before using hair removal methods? Have you ever thought about the importance of these steps? Here are the correct steps to do so: >

1- Cut the hair if it is long with scissors and a comb or an electric razor.>


2- Ensure that there are no cuts or burns on the skin.





3- Warm the skin and prepare it for hair removal by taking a warm shower for 10 to 15 minutes because it helps to relax the follicle.>

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>4- Sterilize the skin and tools using Dettol wipes, for example, or any other sterilizer you prefer>


5- Not removing hair during the menstrual cycle


6- After finishing, you should take a cold shower to close the pores


7- Using a moisturizing cream or oil and not using any soaps or shower gels


> You will notice a big difference in the results if you follow the above steps carefully and carefully.

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