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Healthy eating habits to lose weight

Eating quickly leads to poor digestion and weight gain. In fact, we find that a meal that nourishes our bodies is one of the most important components of any weight loss program, as eating quickly leads to overeating. Therefore, we offer you these tips that will help you stop this habit and avoid weight gain.


Effect of overeating:


It takes 20 minutes for the brain, with the help of leptin and motor nerves, to register that the stomach is full. The central nervous system controls the desire or need to eat. Therefore, eating quickly prevents our bodies from feeling full, which causes overeating.


Weight loss and eating habits:


Weight loss at the macro level is the result of achieving a balance between calorie production and consumption to reach the desired result. An effective way to achieve weight loss is to increase the workload on the digestive system.


We find that burning calories begins in the mouth during the digestion process, where food is chewed in the mouth and then digestion begins. Proper chewing not only breaks down food into small parts, but also secretes more saliva.


The importance of saliva:


Saliva in the mouth creates an enzyme called amylase that helps remove starch from food. If food is not chewed properly, amylase is not mixed with it sufficiently, causing large pieces of food to enter the stomach. This leads to incomplete digestion, causing weight gain and nutritional deficiency.


Increase your fiber intake:


The fiber in fresh vegetables takes more time to chew, which helps you eat slowly. Therefore, start your meal with a salad before moving on to the main course.


Eating habits:


No matter how busy you are, remember that your motivation for working is to ensure a good life. Therefore, you must pay attention to what you eat outside the home so that you do not turn towards unhealthy options.


Do not eat after long periods of hunger:


The hungrier you are, the faster you eat until you feel full. Try to eat small meals several times a day so that you do not feel hungry.


Healthy eating habits:


It may be wise to put the spoon aside after eating the first spoonful, then chew the food well 16 to 20 times, then eat the next spoonful, and so on. You can also use a smaller spoon so that you do not overeat.


Food choice:


Eat the food you want, not the food you don’t feel happy eating. Being in good shape allows you to taste and enjoy food, which makes you feel relaxed.


Overcome stress:


We all have many work commitments throughout the day, and some people eat quickly so they can do their work. Therefore, you should talk to a friend or solve crossword puzzles while eating. These methods help your mind get out of its usual path and enable you to relax while eating.


Suitable temperature:


You should avoid foods that are too hot or too cold, as foods that are not at the correct temperature force you to swallow food quickly.


In the end, we find that when you make small changes, it helps you lose weight. You must also remember that one of the factors that you have to control is the amount of food you eat, which depends on age, gender, and weight.

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