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The way ewe think affects the way we feel and act . Our thoughts come from our life experiences and how we make sense of these experiences .

There is usually more than one way to understand the things we experience . Some ways of thinking may move us forward in life. We show this as positive thoughts . 

Negative thoughts may get in the way.These negative thoughts make us feel bad , bring us down and stop us from taking steps to improve our lives. 

Getting rid of negative thoughts may change our lives .

Sometimes we accept some ideas and beliefs as true events though we haven’t looked at them very closely.

Its common for people who have had disappointments in life due to mental health problems and other problems to get stuck on negative thinking. This may get in the way of recovery.

It may be especially helpful to pay close attention to thoughts that will lead to feelings of Guilt , Shame , Hopelessness , anger and fear .

Thoughts that lead to these can keep us from taking steps to improve our lives .

When we act on negative thoughts , we are more likely too make poor decisions .

Why is positive thinking important ? 

– People who focus on the positive are more likely to accomplish their goals.

– Positive thinking is important because it helps people to work through difficult times.

– Positive thinking builds a persons confidence and motivation even when the going gets tough .

– When people focus on the positive they are more likely to take the steps that will lead to more success and satisfaction .

– Negative thoughts are beliefs and ideas that may get in the way of recovery .

Getting to know each other :

– Getting to know each other is one of the most important ways to benefit.

– The more we get to know each other the more we can support each other efforts toward recovery .

– Getting to know each other takes time .

– We get to know each other by sharing our thoughts and feelings and by how we behave with one another .

– Its important to follow the ground rules so that people feel safe and trust each other .

Another Lesson is that the things that influence who we are with our relationships is our personal experience and our cultural background.

What are life goals ?

– One purpose is to offer yourself opportunities to improve the qualities of you life .

– Life goals are the important things that people accomplish that give them a sense of success and satisfaction .

– People differ on what is important to them and what it will bring .

What for most people what is important from life goals are ?

1 ) Staying well physically and mentally .

2 ) Avoiding unhealthy and dangerous habits .

3 ) Getting and keeping a job that you like .

4 ) Completing school or a training program that teaches wanted skills .

5 ) Having a good relationships with family and friends .

6 ) Getting married .

7 ) Having children to raise .

8 ) Living in a place that is comfortable and safe .

9 ) Enjoying recreational and social activities .

10 ) Contributing to your community.

11 ) Having spirituality in your life and including a religious community .

Goals are not exactly the same as wishes , hopes and dreams . Our wishes , dreams and hopes can be a good starting point in figuring out on what is important to us . We start having goals when we turn it into a step by step of plan of action .

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