Health from nail color

Nails may be colored in colors other than the colors of the paint that women use for adornment. Rather, they may be colors that indicate a specific disease or health defect.




Blue nails, for example, may mean swollen lungs, a lack of oxygen in the blood, and a high percentage of abnormal hemoglobin in the blood.




And dark, black nails may mean anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, nail bacteria infection, chronic liver disease or chronic kidney disease, and silver deposits in the nails.




White nails mean the presence of anemia, kidney and liver diseases, and a lack of blood proteins, and when there are white dots on the nails, it means a zinc deficiency.




Malnutrition, arthritis, glaucoma, heart and lung diseases are the meaning of gray nails




As for the greenish nails, their color indicates an allergy to detergents, a bacterial nail infection, or a fungus.



And the yellow color of the nails indicates diseases of the respiratory system, chronic bronchitis, swelling of the hands as a result of obstruction of the lymphatic vessels, liver diseases and diabetes.




Finally, the nails may tend to turn purple or purple, which means severe hypoxia in the blood, circulatory problems, and congenital heart defects.

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