Health disaster… eating in the office



A recent medical study, the results of which were published recently, showed that eating meals during working hours and while sitting in front of offices represents a real health disaster, as this diet represents the shortest path to obesity, and it is also directly linked to low levels of vitamins in the body and high levels of cholesterol in the blood, which is Which could ultimately lead to death.


The results of this study represent the first discovery of a direct link between eating food outside the home and the incidence of a number of diseases such as obesity and high cholesterol, as it was shown that these damages are not only caused by fast food, but that the way of eating also plays an important role.


The study conducted at New York City University found that families who prepare their food at home and sit down to eat lunch collectively are healthier than those whose members are forced to eat their meals outside the home and during work hours, even if they are not fast food.


Dr. Ashima Kan, supervisor of the study, the results of which were published in the Sunday Times, said: “We found that those who eat six or more meals a week outside the home suffer from excess weight, in addition to an increase in the percentage of high-density protein (HDL) in the blood, as well as an increase in In cholesterol.


Kant added: “We also found that these people have low levels of vitamin C and vitamin E in the blood. We also found that the greatest effect of eating outside the home is found in women and in those over the age of fifty.”


The research team led by Professor Kant spent more than five years for this study, during which it subjected 8,314 cases to examination and study in order to reach these results.


The research team says that most previous studies focused on the relationship between obesity and fast food, but this study linked obesity to all types of food that people eat outside the home, including high-quality food served by luxury restaurants, and was not limited to fast food.

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