Health benefits of argan oil

There are certain types of trees in the countries of Morocco, such as argan trees, which produce plant seeds of great value, whose scientific name is Argania spinosa, and they are also found in a few parts of the world, but their original habitat is North Africa and the countries of the Maghreb. Oil is used as a spray on food, such as olive oil, but Recent studies have proven its high effectiveness for medical use. The oil is used for cooking purposes and is used in the manufacture of some cosmetics. It is added to salads and Moroccan couscous food. It may be applied directly to the skin in some cases. It may be mixed with some creams and ointments and applied to the skin. Hair is used externally and internally very safely, but the only drawback is the exorbitant price..!


Health Benefits of Argan Oil:


Some of the health benefits of the oil include the ability to speed up wound healing, moisturize the skin, slow the symptoms of aging, lower blood cholesterol, the ability to treat cancer, improve hair health, improve digestion, protect the liver, also protect nails, promote heart health, and control stress. Diabetes when cooking diabetic food with that oil..


Skin health: One of the most well-known health benefits of oil is its ability to treat the skin, as the powerful triterpenoids present in the oil combine with other organic compounds to eliminate scars and spots that affect acne and dermatitis. It also works to renew skin cells and volatile compounds from The oil reduces acne retention, eliminates the risk of premature aging for many people, maintains skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of premature aging wrinkles.


Sun protection: Sunburn causes a change in skin color and causes darkening under the eyes and darkening of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation affects nails and visible skin. Therefore, Argan oil compounds protect against the negative effects of exposure to sunlight that contribute to skin cancer and encourage To regenerate skin cells again and increase overall health.


Heart health: Cooking oils affect the level of cholesterol in the blood, especially hydrogenated oils. Therefore, the compounds that the oil contains reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and help protect against atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, and serious heart disorders.


Cancer prevention: The oil is packed with antioxidants that affect the free radicals in the body that cause the occurrence and formation of cancerous cells and redden healthy cells to turn into cancerous cells, so it protects against prostate cancer and bladder cancer and causes some inflammatory properties and helps reduce tumors cancer and spread to other parts of the body.


Digestion: Some people suffer from digestion problems due to malnutrition, which exposes them to stomach disorders, but the oil raises the levels of pepsin in the stomach, which increases the intestinal juice, which results in highly efficient digestion of nutrients.


Hair health: If you suffer from breakage, the unhealthy appearance of the hair, you can add the oil directly to the hair for a quick treatment, as it contains a high concentration of vitamin D, which renews the hair and improves its appearance and brilliance.


Nail protection: It protects nails from bacterial and viral causes, improves the appearance of the nail, protects it from changing its natural color, and removes yellowing.


Liver health: By adding oil to food, it helps to promote liver health by expelling toxins from the body.


There are no side effects of using the oil, except after cases of skin rashes, in cases of severe sensitivity only. Other than that, the disadvantages of the oil are its high price.

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