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Health benefits and harms of sushi

Health benefits and harms of sushi In recent years, Japanese food has been able to invade Arab countries, especially sushi in all its forms.. While rumors abound about the benefits and harms of real sushi; If you are a sushi lover, learn about the most important benefits of sushi and its health harms through my website.


Health benefits and harms of sushi: What are its health benefits?


Salmon is an important ingredient in most sushi dishes; It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are useful in maintaining a healthy heart. In addition, sushi may contain ingredients with great nutritional value, such as: seaweed, which contains high levels of iodine, which helps stimulate the functioning of the thyroid gland, and balance. hormones properly in the body. It also contains ginger and wasabi, which contain antioxidant compounds. other fish that go into sushi, such as tuna; Rich in vitamins and minerals.

One sushi without rice usually contains 40 or 50 calories, while fried sushi with rice contains 100 calories; Therefore, if you are on a diet, you should not overeat with sushi.


What are the health effects of sushi?


The raw fish offered by the sushi dish contains many types of harmful bacteria, which multiply inside the stomach as soon as it is eaten. In the moist environment provided by the stomach, these bacteria increase, which cause many symptoms, including: cramps, vomiting,

The damage may amount to food poisoning. When you eat a lot of that fish.


Some unhealthy ingredients can also be included in sushi, such as: tempura sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese, which increases the calories in it.. As for the soy sauce that is served with sushi; It is rich in sodium, which leads to fluid retention in the body, a feeling of bloating and high blood pressure.. In addition to that; The rice used in it is mixed with salt, sugar and vinegar. Which makes them a source of refined carbohydrates.. If you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system; Don’t eat sushi. Especially the ones that contain raw fish.

There is nothing wrong with eating sushi in moderation, but always make sure to choose a reliable place for its cleanliness and the way the fish is preserved, and try to avoid home delivery; Especially in the summer!

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