Have you heard of sunscreen for hair?

Have you, my dear, heard before about sunscreen for hair, only sunscreen is used to protect the skin, so we explain to you in the next report that sunscreen products for hair and their equal importance to the skin, both need effective protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, and your scalp and hair strands also need protection. .


What is sunscreen for hair?


It is a preparation that is applied to the scalp and hair to protect them from the harmful effects of sunlight, and its types vary between:


Sunscreen powder for hair: There are preparations consisting of powder and hair protection from the sun, which can absorb excess oils in the scalp and increase the density of hair as well. Besides, they give hair the shine and moisture it needs to create a strong protective barrier against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Creams and lotions: These products protect hair from tanning, especially if you decide to go to the pool and expose your hair to the dangers of UV rays. How to apply sunscreen to hair


Each product has steps for use written on its box in detail, follow the instructions that we explain to you in a simple way for each type of hair sunscreen:


Applying the powder lotion: Distribute the powder on the middle line of the hair well when it is dry. Massage the powder into the scalp well until it is completely absorbed.

The spray or spray Here is how to apply it:

According to what is indicated on the box, because the products of the sunscreen spray are used on dry or wet hair Spray the protectant on your hair from the roots to the ends.comb your hair well to make sure that the product penetrates well.

Lotion and cream preparations: they are applied to the hair in the usual way for creams and then left for a period of time, which is determined according to the nature of the protectant product that you have purchased, then wash your hair well.

Precautions for using these products If you suffer from eczema or have sensitive skin, use caution and consult your doctor before applying these products.

Always apply an allergy test on a small patch of skin before using the product to ensure that you do not suffer from allergic symptoms.