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Have you heard about watermelon salad?

Many people like to eat salads of all kinds, as they are easy to prepare and rich in health and nutritional benefits. They also contribute to satisfying stomach hunger for long hours, and employees resort to eating them at their workplaces before returning to their homes to eat their main daily dish with their families.

In light of the many types of salads, have you heard of watermelon salad before? Have you tried and tasted it? Today, in a few lines, we will show you an easy way to make this kind of refreshing salad.

Follow these steps and prepare and taste it. You should also know that it has a high nutritional value, since all of its components are healthy and are considered useful foods for the body.. Here are the ingredients and the way to make this salad:







A watermelon cut into small cubes.

Half a kilogram of cucumber, cut into small cubes.

3 peaches, cut into slices.

Sweet red pepper cut into slices.

One large red onion, sliced.

– Fresh basil, grated.

Fresh mint, finely chopped.

Natural lemon juice.

You can add a little extra virgin olive oil.


How to prepare:

– Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix gently, sprinkle lemon juice over it with the addition of olive oil.

– The right amount that you want to eat is transferred from the plate to your plate with a tablespoon.. and health and wellness.

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