Have you heard about the cosmetic benefits of sea butter?

Benefits of sea butter, or known as sea tongue, for skin whitening, facial fattening and hair care, in addition to clarifying its shape at perfumery stores. We also explain to you its advantages for increasing the size of the breast naturally and when mixed with olive oil. Follow all this information with us, dear follower of the Arab Woman magazine, and thus you will learn about a new component of beauty secrets around the world.


It is the white foamy substance that appears when sea water collides with each other, especially at the time of high waves. This white substance is used in many dermatological treatments and has many benefits in the field of cosmetic care.



Various cosmetic benefits of sea butter


There are many benefits and uses of this charming substance in cosmetic symptoms, so we list for you through the following lines its various uses:

Sea butter mixtures for skin whitening


One of the cosmetic benefits of sea butter is to effectively whiten and lighten the skin, in order to obtain a radiant skin, apply one of the following natural recipes:


Apple cider vinegar + sea butter





Take advantage of the benefits of tongue or sea butter, and make a mixture to lighten the skin by adding an amount of it with a small percentage of apple cider vinegar. Fizzing will occur after mixing. Keep the mask in a clean container and use it daily, then wash your face with plain water. Thus, you will see many benefits, for example, smooth white skin naturally tightened, besides that it is pure and free from any impurities or annoying lines.


Myrrh oil + sea butter + chamomile water


One of the useful cosmetic recipes for skin whitening using sea butter. It is to mix an appropriate amount of it with drops of bitter almond oil. Keep the mixture in a clean, airtight container that should see constant sunlight. After one week of preparing the mixture, you can use it as a night cream and wash your face with chamomile water in the morning. Chamomile water is to prepare chamomile tea in the usual way and then leave it to cool.

Benefits of a natural face lift and wrinkle removal

One of the aesthetic benefits of sea butter powder is to rejuvenate and rejuvenate the skin by tightening it naturally. In addition to removing signs of aging and aging. Make a cream from sea tongue powder with Vaseline, then apply it to the areas to be tightened on your face and body.


The benefits of sea tongue in fattening the face


Knead an appropriate amount of powder with warm water, and thus you will have the benefit of sea butter related to fattening the face and supplying the cheeks. Apply the mixture on your face and after a few minutes wash it with plain water.


Many other benefits, follow with us, its benefits for hair care and how to use it


One of the benefits of sea butter for hair care is to lengthen and thicken it and solve the problem of damaged ends. From 1-2 a week, distribute a mixture of sea tongue powder with drops of coconut or olive oil on your hair. Then wash it after minutes with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, free of sulfates and perfumes.


sea ​​butter for breast augmentation

Massaging the breasts from bottom to top with an appropriate amount of sea butter powder gives you a larger breast size. In addition to its positive effect in keeping the skin tight, without sagging or wrinkles with age.

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