Has a cure for baldness been found? What is baldness medicine?

The ringworm disease, which affects many people and can locally affect the hair, eyebrows, eyebrows, or more medically, alopecia areata, is no longer insoluble. Baricinitib, a JAK inhibitor currently used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, may be the cure for this disease.



What is alopecia areata?


This condition, which is popularly known as hair breaker, is called baldness that occurs when hairs on the body such as hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are lost locally. This local shedding can spread and even cover the entire scalp. The disease is an autoimmune problem, that is, the body perceives its own hair follicles as a foreign and dangerous pathogen and fights against it.



The drug is very effective


In this very large study of 1200 people over 36 weeks, 40% of participants who took medication and lost most of their hair had complete or near-complete hair growth. In the first year of drug use, almost half of the patients regained their hair.



What are the side effects of baldness medicine?


Patients in the trial experienced relatively mild side effects, including a small increased risk for acne, urinary tract infections, and other infections, but these side effects were sub-optimal. The fact that the drug was previously used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis makes it very easy to trust the drug.

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