Hand care after daily sterilization

Repeated washing and sterilization in the time of “Corona” constitutes severe stress for the hands, and causes them to dry out and crack, so hands should be taken care of with moisturizing creams.

German dermatologist Marion Morse-Karby explained that it is best to use a soap with a pH of 5.5; Where this value is gentle on the skin, according to the “24” website.

Morse-Carpe added that hands should be cared for after washing and sterilization in order to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, with creams containing moisturizing substances such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, urea or glycerin.

For his part, the German cosmetic expert, Martin Rubmann, pointed out that very stressed skin needs intensive care, such as a jojoba oil bath; Where the oil is placed on the surface of the hand and left for about ten minutes to take effect, and then the skin is massaged with the excess oil.

Alternatively, hands can also be dipped in a bowl filled with warm olive or almond oil for ten minutes, and after this bath, the oil is left on the hand for another ten minutes before drying the hands.

The black tea bath is one of the good possibilities for caring for the stressed skin of the hand. For this purpose, a high dose of black tea is boiled for 20 minutes, then the tea is left to cool until it reaches a temperature suitable for the hand, and the hands are dipped in the pot for about ten minutes, then the hands are massaged. Cream rich in fat.

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