Gua Sha massage and Jade roles: Is it really effective?

Traditional Chinese methods, such as Gua Sha massage and Jade roles, have gained popularity in skin care. Are these methods really effective?

Beauty and skin care has been one of the important issues that have attracted people throughout history. Today, natural and traditional methods have started to be integrated into modern skin care routines. At this point, at, Gua Sha massage and Jade roller traditional Chinese methods such as, have gained popularity in skincare. But are these methods really effective, or are they just a trend?

What is Gua Sha Massage?

Gua Sha massage, it is a massage technique based on traditional Chinese medicine. In this method, using a special stone or tool, slight prints and stripping movements are made on the surface of the skin. The purpose of these movements; to increase blood circulation under the skin, to promote lymphatic drainage and to achieve a healthier appearance by stimulating skin tissue.

Gua Sha massage it should be done gently. Hard movements with hard objects can increase wrinkles in the long term. Therefore, attention should be paid.

In people with edema on the eyelids in the morning and swelling on the face, this massage can help to bring down the swelling.

Potential benefits of Gua Sha massage include; facelift effect, swelling and redness reduction, promoting the elimination of toxins from the body. It is also noted that this massage has stress-reducing effects. However, there is no evidence of the benefits of this massage in the long term such as face recovery and preventing sagging. Expectations such as anti-aging effects or nose downsizing, eyebrow lifting seem unreal.

What is Jade Roller?

Jade roles are also part of traditional Chinese skin care. It is massage movements made with pink quartz stone and green jade stone. In this method, face massage is performed using a roll made of natural jade stone. The contact of cold jade stone with the skin can help reduce problems, especially swelling and redness.

Among the claimed benefits of Jade roller are; balancing skin tone, tightening pores, promoting lymphatic drainage. It is also thought that skin care products can help penetrate the skin more effectively. It can also be useful in reducing swelling by accelerating the circulation of lymph fluid.

When you wake up in the morning, it may be helpful for people with eye girth or facial edema to use Jade roles. It was chilled in the morning jade roller with facial massage, it can accelerate the flow of lymph and make the swelling go down quickly. Other than that, there is no long-term effect that is proven.

Effects and Evidence

Gua Sha massage and Jade roller there is limited scientific evidence on the effects of traditional methods such as. These methods may have some benefits. But solid clinical research supporting these claims is yet to maintain its deficiency.

However, some people who have tried these methods have reported positive results. They said they achieved results such as a tighter skin sensation, a more vibrant skin tone and a face-lift effect. However, it should be remembered that these experiences can vary from person to person.

In a nutshell; Gua Sha massage and traditional Chinese methods, such as Jade roles, can bring a natural and pleasant touch to skin care. But the lack of strong scientific data to prove their full impact makes it difficult to fully understand the impact of these methods. If you want to add these methods to your skincare routine, you can achieve positive results. It is important to keep your expectations realistic.

Gua Sha massage and Jade roller the effects of such methods may vary from person to person. Regular use and a balanced skin care routine are necessary to achieve better results. Apart from traditional methods, considering scientifically proven skin care products and methods is a more reliable approach to healthy skin.

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