Green coffee reduces your weight

Green coffee reduces your weight

A small American study revealed that unroasted or green coffee beans can help reduce weight. The study included 16 people who were overweight or obese, who were given a daily dose of green coffee beans in the form of capsules, and all members of the sample were asked not to change their eating habits, while the research team monitored their weight loss during six months of follow-up.

The clear result was an average weight loss of 11% of body weight. The study was conducted in India, while its results were recently presented at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Diego.

Significant weight loss

The author of the study, Joe Vinson, a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, USA, said: “Previous studies conducted in this regard in both France and Japan showed how these capsules made from green coffee beans achieved slight success in reducing weight. However, the latest study proved that taking Higher doses of these capsules achieved a significant reduction in the weight of the sample.”

Main natural ingredient


Vinson points out that the research team did not focus on the effect of caffeine on weight loss, as much as they focused on the primary components of unroasted coffee, especially those known as chlorogenic acid. He pointed out that this is the main natural ingredient in unroasted coffee, which coffee loses after being roasted.

Division of study


The study was divided into three phases, each consisting of six weeks, in one of which the sample members, whose ages ranged between 22 and 26 years, took capsules filled with 700 milligrams of green coffee bean extract. In the second phase, they took tablets containing 1,050 milligrams of green coffee, while in the third phase, participants took placebo tablets.

Warning about capsules
Participants maintained the same diet and exercise routine as they had before the study began, and they were able to lose about 17 pounds by the end of the study. On average, participants lost 10.5% of their weight and 16% of their body fat. On the other hand, Luna Sandon, a nutrition expert at the University of Texas, warned of the limited study sample and the components of the capsule that have not been pharmacologically tested, adding that it may help in weight loss, but that does not mean that it is healthy.

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