Golden tips to avoid cosmetic allergies

Once a girl reaches adolescence, makeup becomes a necessity for her.

She rarely goes to an evening party, or even to her work or to the market without resorting to it

to the powders to decorate her face. But what doctors fear today is that this will lead

Make-up leads to sensitivity because it contains substances that irritate the skin. Therefore, it remains a method




For desperate sufferers with this allergy: check with your pathologist

dermatologists from the cosmetic responsible for the allergy in order to remove it. To avoid allergies, we offer seven golden tips:


1- Apply the powders with clean hands on cleansed skin.

2- Sticking the powders with carefully maintained tools (a small powder sprayer, spreader, brush, etc., all of these tools must be washed repeatedly).

3- Close tubes, containers and bottles after use.

4- Keep the powder away from light and heat.

5- Adhere to a certain degree of coldness. And do not hesitate to throw away a questionable product in terms of appearance, composition and smell.

6- Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the method of use and the precautions that must be followed.

7- At the first warning of a skin rash, do not delay in consulting a specialist.


The dangerous preparations are:


Perfumed preparations that cause the majority of pigmentation-related sensitivities.

Colorants such as eosin (a pink pigment) in the manufacture of lipstick, and chrome green used in eyelid powders.

Vermol, which is part of the resin (a sticky resin secreted by some plants, especially pine nuts) found in nail polish.

– Hair dye, which is responsible for several irritations (head skin sensitivity, itchy skin, removal of facial membranes).

It is noteworthy that anaphylaxis is a localized general, appearing in the form of red spots on the skin

epidermis or in the form of inflammation or skin pustules, and the most invasive facial points lie

in the eyes and lips, and unfortunately there is no cure for allergy unless its cause is removed.

Which is difficult because women cannot do without cosmetics!

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