Get rid of stress and fatigue with omega 3 and magnesium

Fatigue, cold, and stress cause many to take shelter behind food. We crave fats and sweets, and therefore we consume food in larger quantities. We seek to compensate for fatigue with frequent snacks. Winter is the time to adopt anti-food cravings.






Choose foods that are filling:






First of all, enough should be consumed in meals, including proteins (white meat, fish, eggs, lean red meat) that should be eaten without fear of storage. On the other hand, it is better to eat smart snacks, especially good dark chocolate, which contains a minimum of 70 percent cocoa, which contains anti-stress ingredients.


Oil seeds rich in omega-3 acids, fiber and magnesium (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts…) as well as dried fruits (apricots and peaches) are among the most important substances that fight stress and fatigue, in addition to hot drinks without sugar such as green tea, which is a stimulant. And a calorie burner.


You should avoid fruit juice and instead, eat a snack consisting of fresh fruits to stop the creep of hunger. The list of these fruits includes: kiwi, apples, and citrus fruits, which are rich in pectin, which enhances satiety, or bananas, which reduce appetite and have many benefits in eliminating intestinal bacteria.




Relying on natural remedies:






Omega 3, the ally of emotions:






It has many benefits. Its good fats protect against heart and brain diseases, and stabilize mood and emotions. Its deficiency increases stress, especially in the absence of accompanying magnesium, which may disrupt morale, encourage eating light meals and thus increase weight.




Magnesium, to combat stress:






Magnesium is one of the vitamins that fights fatigue, as well as seasonal depression disorders.

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