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Get rid of stress and depression with 3 foods

On this, Dr. Michael Ginsburg, a nutrition expert, said that exposure to psychological and nervous pressure affects us greatly, and increases our feelings of stress and anxiety, so certain nutrients must be added to the diet, which help combat stress and tension.




Therefore, people should eat the best and most important foods responsible for this, which contribute greatly to getting rid of stress and anxiety, including:




– pumpkin


It contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which slows down the process of absorbing carbohydrates. It also contains antioxidants, vitamins, mineral elements and protein. These nutrients protect the body from premature aging. It is also one of the foods that maintain the health of the intestines. Normal gut bacteria stimulate mood-altering substances.




– pumpkin seeds


It contains a high percentage of the elements magnesium, zinc and selenium, and the presence of a good level of magnesium in the body, which is usually accompanied by a positive mood.




– red beans


It contains all B vitamins that are beneficial for brain health, as well as many minerals that are beneficial to the body. Studies have also shown that eating five meals of pulses a week delays aging.

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